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Cape Cod Times
June 22, 2023

"Caroline Hawthorne was terrific as Hebe, Sir Joseph's cousin, (whom he marries)!"

Frankie Rowley

Cape Cod Times
July 20, 2023

"Worth Nothing: Speaking of Njesus, Hawthorne carries the hilarity of the show. From her facial expressions to the accent she gives Njesus, Hawthorne had everyone laughing with her take on the faithful secretary of the Embassy. I would advise against the eyeliner and the mascara, she'll have it running down your face by intermission as you laugh until you cry."


Joanne Brianna Gartner

Falmouth Enterprise

August 1, 2023

"Caroline Hawthorne plays the commanding Dame Carruthers, the housekeeper of the tower, leading the powerful "When our Gallant Norman Foes" in Act I and the equally affecting "Night has Spread her Pall once More" at the opening of Act II."

Leo Buck


July 13, 2022

As “Charlotte”, that other Stepsister, Caroline Hawthorne is outstanding at the heart of “The Stepsister’s Lament”.

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